What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a disease of the skin and is very common. It commonly affects peoplr who are over 30 years of age. It manifests as a redness on nose, cheeks , forehead and skin. Some people also get little pimples and bumps in these regions. Rosacea may cause a sore eyes or a burning sensation in them.


The exact cause id unknown but it is suggested that abnormal blood vessels or a reaction to microscopic mites on the skin may be the reason of rosacea.

The following factors may worsen the case of rosacea.

• Sunlight
• Strenuous exercise
• Hot drinks
• Alcohol
• Caffeine
• Hot or cold weather
• Certain kinds of foods


• The symptoms begin with flushing episodes
• Permanent redness
• Burning sensation
• Stinging sensation
• Spots like papules and pustules
• Minute blood vessels become visible in the skin


There are no permanent cures but the disease can be controlled by-

• Antibiotics and medications are used to control the redness and breakouts
• Moisturizers and Sunscreen is used to protect the sensitive skin.
• Eye drops and artificial tears are used to treat dry and irritates eyes.
• Cosmetic surgery can be advised for thick or bumpy skin.


Try these steps to prevent rosacea getting worse.

• Identify and avoid triggers
• Protect your face from the sunlight
• Give gentle care to your skin
• Take special care of your eyes

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