What is flu?

Influenza or flu is an infection of the respiratory system that is caused due to virus. The respiratory system includes the lungs, throat and nose. The complications of influenza can be potentially deadly. Young children, elderly, pregnant women and people with chronic illness and weakened immune system are especially at risk of developing complications.


• The viruses that cause flu are transmitted by airborne droplets that form when an infected person coughs.
• They can be inhaled directly or can be spread through touch both direct and indirectly.


• High fever (100 F/ 38 C)
• Muscle aches in the back,legs and the arms
• headache
• Sweats and chills
• Dry cough
• Nasal congestion
• Weakness and fatigue


• In most cases, a good bed rest and lots of fluids help treat the flu.
• In certain cases, an antiviral drug may be prescribed.
• Antivirals may help reduce the duration of the illness and helps prevent any complications.


• The Annual Flu vaccination provides protection against flu.
• Washing hands often and using sanitizers If you are infected, cough or sneeze into a tissue or the crook of the elbow.
• Avoid the crowds and the flu easily spreads here.

What you can expect when you visit our clinics

1. Stop by our front desk to visit a certified Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant. No appointment is required.
2. Your medical practitioner will examine your medical background, go over your medical issues, perform an examination and supply you with an individualized plan for treatment. This might consist of non-prescription items or a medical prescription.
3. Towards the end of your visit to our clinic, your medical attendant will give you an overview, an invoice and some instructional material may be given.
4. The overview of your clinic visit can be forwarded to your primary health care provider with your authorization.