Minor Illnesses


If you’re not feeling well, our healthcare professionals will help you get better sooner.

Our medical practitioners are able to assess and determine your symptom, and prescribe appropriate medications when needed. You’ll go away with the plan for treatment it is best to get you feeling better.

Use our services for:

Allergic reactions
Bladder problems & Urinary tract infections
Coughs & bronchitis
Ear problems & earaches
Eye infections
Flu-like signs
Mononucleosis (mono)
Respiratory issues
Sinus problems & congestion
Sore throat & strep throat

Full list of Services

What to be aware of before your minor illness clinic visit

Age limits for assistance will vary. Make sure you look at the specific services webpage to find out more.

If you have the following symptoms you might be directed to an alternative medical facility:
• Temperature over 104F for kid
• Temperature over 103F for adults
• Excessive vomiting