Minor Injuries


Get treatment for minor injuries and be back on the road to healing in no time.

Whenever bruises, bumps, twists, strains or other physical injuries occur, we are here to help you get better.

Accidents can occur anytime and anywhere. That’s precisely why our healthcare professionals deliver the practical first aid care you require, no appointment required.

Use our services for:

Insect bites & stings
Minor burns
Minor wounds, blisters & cuts
Removal of splinters
Stitch and staple extraction
Tick bites

Full list of Services

What to be aware of before your minor personal injury visit

You CANNOT get X-rays at Family Statcare.

Individuals needing X-rays will be sent to an alternate medical facility.
Our health care services DO NOT include:

• Broken or fractured bones
• Accidents needing sutures or X-rays
• Incidents associated with the eyes, face or groin
• Puncture injuries
• Animal bites
• Spinal problems
• Troubles from car collisions
• Worker’s compensation injuries or assessments

Age limitations for services will vary. Make sure you look at the specific services webpage to find out more.