Pink Eye

What is pink eye?

Conjunctivitis or pink eye is the swelling and redness of the conjunctiva. Conjunctiva is the mucous membrane that forms the lining of the eyelid and the surface of the eye. It is usually clear but when irritated or infected, the conjunctiva turns red and swollen. The condition is very common and it resolves without medical intervention in seven to ten days.


• Infections due to viruses and bacteria. These are highly contagious.
• Dry eyes. This might be due to lack of tears or exposure to the environment
• Allergies
• Fumes, smoke and chemicals


• The whites of the eyes turn red
• Swelling of the eyes
• Itching and burning sensation
• Excessive production of tears
• The areas in front of the ears are tender and swollen


• Clean the eyes gently with warm water
• Viral conjunctivitis needs to run its course as antibiotics cannot be used.
• A cold and wet washcloth can be applied on the eyes several times a day to relive the symptoms.
• Bacterial conjunctivitis will need the use of antibiotic eye drops and ointment as prescribed by the doctor
• Medication can be prescribed to prevent the onset of allergic conjunctivitis


• Do not share personal items like towels, tissue and washcloths
• Break the habit of frequently touching your face or eyes
• Never share contact lenses with any one and always follow proper lens hygiene
• Use hand disinfectant
• Wear goggles while swimming to avoid contact with microorganisms

What you can expect when you visit our clinics

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2. Your medical practitioner will examine your medical background, go over your medical issues, perform an examination and supply you with an individualized plan for treatment. This might consist of non-prescription items or a medical prescription.
3. Towards the end of your visit to our clinic, your medical attendant will give you an overview, an invoice and some instructional material may be given.
4. The overview of your clinic visit can be forwarded to your primary health care provider with your authorization.