What is Bronchitis?

Bronchitis is a disease of the respiratory system where the mucus membrane present in the bronchial passages of the lungs become inflamed. The membrane grows thicker as it swells due to the irritation. The thickening narrows down and blocks the minute airways resulting in coughs with breathlessness and phlegm. The two types of bronchitis are acute and chronic.


• Acute bronchitis is caused due to viruses that commonly cause flu and colds.
• Chronic bronchitis is caused due to smoking cigarettes, dust, air pollution and the exposure to the toxic gases at work or environment.


The general symptoms for acute and chronic bronchitis are:

• Coughing spells
• Mucus- may be clear white, green, yellowish-gray or sometimes streaked with blood.
• Breathlessness
• Fatigue
• Chills and low fever
• Discomfort of the chest


As acute bronchitis is caused by virus, it cannot be treated with antibiotics. A majority of cases resolve without medications in two weeks. Your doctor may prescribe medications under some circumstances.
• Antibiotics
• Cough medication
• medications to help with other conditions like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
• pulmonary rehabilitation therapies and breathing exercises may help with chronic bronchitis


Bronchitis can be prevented by the following methods:

• Stop cigarette smoking.
• Get vaccinated against flu as many cases of bronchitis are due to the influenza virus.
• Keep your hands clean by washing them frequently. This will decrease the chances of a viral infection.
• If you suffer from COPD, you might want to wear surgical mask when in public or at work.

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