Sinus Infections

What are sinus infections?

Sinusitis or sinus infection is the inflammation of the tissues that line the sinuses. Sinuses are air filled cavity but they get infected and blocked with fluid, bacteria, fungi or viruses. Sinus infections are usually not contagious.


• Common colds
• Allergy
• Irritant nasal sprays
• Cocaine
• Cigarette smoking
• Infections from bacteria, fungi or viruses
• Nasal polyps, tumors or other disease that can obstruct the sinuses


• Pain and feeling of pressure in the face
• Nasal discharge
• Stuffy nose
• Loss of sense of smell
• Congestion/ cough
• Fever
• Fatigue
• Dental pain
• Bad breath
• Headache


• Antibiotics may be prescribed for infections of bacterial and fungal origins but not for viral origins.
• Medications will prescribed to help with pain and fever.
• Decongestants and vaporizers can be use to relive the airway.
• Warm steam can be use to the same effect.
• Saline drops can be used safely at home.


• Steps must be taken to prevent infection from bacteria, fungus or viruses.
• dentify and avoid any triggers or allergens.
• Proper treatment of any underlying causes must be done.

What you can expect when you visit our clinics

1. Stop by our front desk to visit a certified Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant. No appointment is required.
2. Your medical practitioner will examine your medical background, go over your medical issues, perform an examination and supply you with an individualized plan for treatment. This might consist of non-prescription items or a medical prescription.
3. Towards the end of your visit to our clinic, your medical attendant will give you an overview, an invoice and some instructional material may be given.
4. The overview of your clinic visit can be forwarded to your primary health care provider with your authorization.