What are rashes?

Rashes can be explained as the change in color and texture of the skin. There are many varied reasons that cause rashes and the cause can be determined by looking at the signs and symptoms in mind


• A simple rash or dermatitis can be caused due to the skin’s contact with chemicals, cosmetics, dyes and natural substances from plants like oak, sumac, poison ivy.
• Seborrheic dermatitis appears as patches of scaling and redness around nose,mouth, behind ears, eyelids and eyebrows. In scalp it is called dandruff or cradle cap in infants.
• Shingles, psoriasis, impetigo, eczema and other such diseases causes rashes
• Lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis and kawasaki’s disease are some of the conditions that cause rashes.


The symptoms may vary with the underlying cause but the general symptoms are-

• Red swollen areas that itch
• Cracking
• Dryness
• Crusting
• Lesions like blisters, wheals, papules
• Flaking
• Warmth
• Scaling
• Oozing or weeping


• Rashes caused by viruses go away on their own. Only the itching may require any treatment.
• Use of anti-itching creams, aloe vera gels, oatmeal baths all can be used to give relief.
• Use of moisturizers to help with the dryness
• Topical or oral corticosteroids and non steroidal medications may be prescribed by your doctor.
• Phototherapy


• Identify potential allergens and avoid contact with them.
• Use hypoallergenic creams, lotions and cosmetics
• Shower every other day with warm water. Use gentle cleansers and pat dry.
• Relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation will help reduce stress which tends to worsen rashes.

What you can expect when you visit our clinics

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